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Discounts are fantastic. But, totally FREE stuff is even BETTER! Stick with us! We’ll teach you how companies can send YOU free stuff!

Get Free Replacement Products

1) If you’re unhappy with a product, then you should complain to the company. Have you ever opened a bottle of juice and found mold or a foreign object floating around? Well, that’s the perfect example of “unhappy with a product.”

2) First, find the company’s phone number or e-mail address. Most packages have that info directly on the packaging. If you can’t locate it on the packaging, visit the company website, do a search for their “Contact Us” information, and that will connect you with their Customer Service.

3) Once you have that info, contact them. Give them the full details on exactly what happened with their product. They will ask you for proof of purchase, so make sure to keep it. Request that they replace the product or compensate you. Usually, compensation entails receiving gift cards or free items. Be persistent; don’t take no for an answer. But, be polite.

4) Now, it’s the waiting game. Often, a service representative will let you know how long it will take to receive your replacement or free product, voucher or gift card.

Signing Up for Rewards Programs

1) Join your favorite company or store’s rewards program. You’ll most likely get coupons when you sign up, and various other vouchers for discounts on your purchases. Also, they normally throw in free items and points toward different prizes.

2) If you join multiple programs, you will improve the likelihood of getting free items. When using various grocery store rewards programs, you will reap the benefits of alternating weekly specials.

3) If you’re going the route of credit card rewards to earn free stuff, it’s better to concentrate your efforts on a single card. This will allow you to maximize your card points.

4) Many rewards programs require you to use your rewards within a certain amount of time, so make sure to use them all before they expire. You don’t want to lose all the points you’ve earned.

Filling Out and Taking Surveys

1) When you visit a restaurant or store, keep your receipt. Often, you will notice that the establishment’s website wants their customers to complete a survey about their overall experience. So, go to their webpage, complete their survey, and enjoy rewards like gift cards, cash prizes, or discount coupons.

2) On many company’s main website you’ll notice pop-up windows that ask visitors to fill out a survey. If they promise coupons or a prize in exchange for your time, then go ahead, take the survey.

3) Companies regularly hire marketers to conduct surveys that will help them collect product feedback. If you look around, you’ll find several companies that will pay consumers to complete surveys. Check out places like Ipsos Survey Panel; they’re a great place to start!